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Medicine of Quantum Information
« : Октября 22, 2015, 08:36:51 pm »
Medicine of Quantum Information – treatments based on quantum model of a healthy  condition of a particular person and hence corrections of deviations from the normal, natural state .
We have indeed established and developed bio- technology of 'spintronics' , which open up opportunities in the field of the Medicine of Quantum Information.
We offer individual programs based on the Garyaev’s matrices designed via personal photograph, umbilical cord,placenta, root follicle. Our provides designing special sound spectrum, which can be used to transform the human condition from pathological to normal.
The primary recording  is carried out with our special laser which can generate
photons that change their polarization (spin state), and thus record information on any object(cells and tissues, bioactive substances, photos, pictures etc.) .
This one is rather general (universal) – it is a kind of huge library.
This transformation is based on the well known theory of localized light.
So, the photon information is overwritten within audible i.e. radio band, digitized
into downloadable audio format. While listening to it there is an input of a whole
library of the information or just a part of it.
Universal health-restoring matrix program designed by Garayev PP for all (general, universal matrices) .
The general principle of such matrices are mp3- file. Just listen to the matrices and restore your health and youth.

Program No1 - correction of the immune system

Program No2 « Correction of bone metabolism and circulatory system

The program No3 « Correction oncological processes

Program No4 « Correction of general metabolism

Program No5 is one of the several options of aging inhibition of the current age of

the patient. Recently, it became clear that it also blocks many types of cancer

Program No6 « Men's Line (designed for males)
Strengthens the cardiovascular system, strengthens the immune system, helps with various kidney diseases. It prevents the formation of bladder stones and sand. Beneficial influence on all pathological processes in the prostate gland. Effects on sexual function.

Program No7 Women's Line (designed for females)
The activation of metabolic processes, restoration of water balance, eliminates edema, cleansing the lymphatic system. Setting the menstrual cycle. Harmonization of genital  organs.

Program No17 Multiple Sclerosis

Program No9 Regeneration of the organism after 40, 50 years of age
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Re: Medicine of Quantum Information
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